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PTZ thermal cameras

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PTZ thermal cameras

PTZ thermal cameras
X26 offers cost-effective, long-range, electro-optical, visual and thermal imaging Flir pan tilt PTZ thermal cameras with short, medium, long and very long range Zoom sensors and optics
Our all weather rugged titanium gimbals that can be completely custom-built to your exact specifications and requirements.

Our PTZ thermal imaging flir cameras are suitable for Land, mobile, marine and airborne applications.

Long range thermal imaging flir PTZ camera



Thermal Imaging Flir EO/IR ISR camera
M1-D v3 compact Car vehicle mobile, marine
boat day/night vision PTZ thermal Flir gimbal
M7 Falcon Long Range PTZ flir thermal imaging
security / surveillance Infrared camera system
Long range thermal PTZ flir camera
M9 cooled MWIR PTZ Ultra extreme long range Pan Tilt
Zoom multi sensor thermal flir imaging security camera
M11 Ultra Long Range thermal IR imaging flir camera for
Border, coastal, shoreline & flight line security/Surveillance
M2-D micro mini Lightweight gyro stabilized EOIR thermal imaging flir PTZ
gimbal for Manned and unmanned drone, UAV, UAS, SUAS, UGV platforms

Long range thermal imaging camera
Our PTZ Flir thermal Imaging cameras offer:

  • Ultra Long-Range Fast, Coated, hardened Zoom telephoto thermal imaging Germanium Lenses
  • Long range Cooled MWIR and UnCooled LWIR Thermal imaging FLIR Cameras
  • SD, HD High Definition microbolometer, HOT MCT, InSb ultra sensitive thermal flir IR Cameras
  • Robust Multi axis 360 degree Gyro Stabilized Pan & Tilt gimbals
  • Gyro stabilized micro mini named and unmanned drone thermal camera turret balls
  • SD and HD long range low light visible CMOS color EO continuous zoom cameras
  • Long Range LRF Laser Range Finders exceeding 20 kilometer
  • Long Range thermal cameras
  • Long Range IR Infrared Laser Pointers/illuminators/designators Exceeding 10 mile distances
  • Rugged All-Weather IP 67, IP 68, MilSpec, MilStd Designs
  • Long range FLIR cameras
  • A Host of custom optional add on sensors such as SWIR, LRAD, Laser Dazzlers, CCTV camera countermeasure,
    Color night vision, and specialty exotic sensors to compliment our Day/Night PTZ platforms
  • Anti Drone, UAV, UAS countermeasure and defeat gimbal systems
  • 3D Radar 360° Security and surveillance tracking with Slew to cue camera mating
  • Panoramic 360° thermal scanning gimbals for constant area security and surveillance

Long range thermal imaging flir PTZ cameras
X26 provides cost effective Long Range day and night vision multi sensor fixed and PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom Flir thermal imaging camera systems built to withstand the most demanding applications. Our High performance, all weather, reliable systems are available in COTS or Custom configurations and are built with the highest quality components.

Long range thermal imaging cameras for marine applications, There are some very important marine application of thermal imaging, not least as a significant boost to collision detection systems when sailing at night, in fog, or during severe weather. While underwater thermal imaging per se is rather limited in its effectiveness (even with the most advanced technologies) it’s not unusual today to find heat detection cameras manufactured to marine grade specifications and mounted in multiple positions aboard seagoing vessels of all sizes.

PTZ Flir IR thermal camera applications 

  • Port Security/surveillance long range thermal camera
  • Coastal Security/surveillance long range thermal camera
  • Border Security/surveillance PTZ long range thermal camera
  • Perimeter Security/surveillance infrared imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Shoreline Security/surveillance infrared imaging Pan Tilt PTZ Thermal cameras
  • Long Range Security/surveillancePTZ long range thermal camera
  • Airport Security/surveillance PTZ long range thermal camera
  • Runway Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Maritime Security/surveillance IR imaging PTZ Thermal imaging
  • Marine Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Critical Infrastructure Security/surveillance long range thermal camera
  • Vehicle mounted Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Multi Sensor Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Dual Sensor Security/surveillance IR imaging Pan Tilt PTZ thermal cameras
  • Panoramic scanning Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR cameras
  • Drone, UAV, UAS, SUAS Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Range Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Covert / Special operations tactical Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • Unmanned Ground Vehicle UGV Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • EO-IR Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
  • ISR Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR

Long range Thermal imaging is often used in remotely piloted drones (UAVs), greatly enhancing general recon capabilities in dangerous or difficult-to-observe conditions. In hobbyist drones, thermal imaging can be a great asset to photographers for a wide range of purposes, while long range UAV UAS Drone thermal imaging is also highly beneficial to emergency response units, search and rescue teams, and in tactical military applications.

Long range thermal security cameras. Almost all business premises today deploy security camera technologies in one form or another. In recent years, it has become increasingly standard practice to rely on thermal imaging surveillance equipment for the best possible results in terms of protection, identification and return on investment.

Long range Thermal security cameras reliably perform very well in low light and poor visibility areas, as well as providing the ability to strip away much of the visual camouflage – such as dense foliage – that’s often found close to offices and warehousing, especially useful at extended ranges for detecting human activity. In addition, thermal imaging CCTV cameras are usually bundled with smart sensors and advanced analytics technology, helping to reduce the number of false alarms.

Finally, heat detection-based systems are often cheaper to install and run long-term than standard CCTV setups, which need to be placed along every available line of sight in order to be fully effective – and which frequently require costly additional lighting to be rigged nearby in order to provide even basic functionality.

Military, law enforcement, search and rescue security and surveillance professionals utilizing PTZ thermal flir cameras

Perhaps The most common usage of handheld Flir thermal imager’s is their use for night vision applications, these devices offer very extensive capability for seeing in pitch darkness and an adverse conditions, military and law-enforcement professionals throughout the world use handheld thermal imaging cameras in many formats, they come in binoculars monoculars, thermal rifle scopes,  pan tilt zoom (PTZ), The systems are used for short medium and long range visual enhancement applications, unlike the traditional green night vision which also has extensive benefits thermal imaging night vision systems work based off of infrared heat radiation that’s giving them the capability to see in total pitch darkness.

long range SWIR-Short-wave infrared (SWIR) light is typically defined as light in the 1000 – 3000 nm wavelength range and primarily uses Indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) infrared detectors to capture images. SWIR is being implemented more in modern long range imaging systems for its unique surveillance capabilities. SWIR can see through thick water vapors, including haze and fog. In port and harbor security scenarios where fog and haze are a regular occurrence, SWIR identifies vessels, people, and floating objects in any weather, even obscured by fog. Long range SWIR also sees through opaque packaging such as plastic bottles to determine fill levels in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and cosmetics for quality control.

Our long range flir PTZ thermal cameras are robust, All weather, heavy duty PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) positioners/Gimbals that rotate continuously 360 degrees and Pan/Tilt up and down allowing the user to guide and control the motors and position the long range flir cameras and associated sensors to the position of interest. The long range flir PTZ thermal Security cameras can be gyro-stabilized which reduces the shake and jitter from the imagery especially when zoomed in to maximum telephoto ranges. Our long range flir PTZ thermal Security cameras Have the ability of reaching out and detecting threats up to 50 kilometers. All of our flir PTZ thermal camera come with a complimentary long range zoom daytime EO CMOS low light camera Which make these systems a true complete day and night imaging system. Additional sensors can be added onto our long range flir PTZ thermal cameras such as SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) cameras, Laser rangefinders (LRF), tracking, radar with slew to cue capabilities, GPS, Compass, Laser dazzlers, microphones, spotlights, loudspeakers, laser infrared Illuminators, laser infrared pointers, and high speed cameras. We custom build our long range flir PTZ thermal camera and can incorporate most any add on option you can imagine into our gimbal platforms. Our thermal cameras offer the user crisp, clear image quality with outstanding detail, clarity and fidelity. Long range infrared cameras come in both Cooled MWIR and LWIR uncooled flavors in both HD (High Definition) and SD VGA (Standard definition) which is typically 640×480 or 640×512 Pixel resolution. Our long range thermal imaging flir camera systems are mounted in harsh environments and used for Border patrol and protection, coastline and shoreline installations, range, airports, forward Operation and observation bases (FOB), runways, critical infrastructures, high value asset protection and anywhere where long range 24/7 day and night vision imaging is critical to secure and protect a specific area. Our long range flir PTZ thermal cameras are easily mounted in multiple configurations like on roof mounted, car, Truck, mobile command vehicles, security vehicle and mobile applications. In marine vessels, our long range flir ptz thermal cameras Are mounted to boats, yachts and cruise ships. Other mounting provisions are portable trailers, telescoping masts, poles, tripods, pendant, buildings and fixed mounts. SPI uses the best, most reliable and longest lasting coolers in the midwave MWIR long range thermal camera systems which is a critical factor in the procurement of long range flir cameras. Having a reliable cooler ensures years of continuous maintenance free operation from the MWIR camera. We source the best Cooled Camera system made up of indium antimonide InSb, HOT MCT Mercury Cadmium Telluride and SLS types with micro pitches as small as 10 µm.

We are here to help assist you in selecting the absolute highest quality, cost effective
day/night video security/surveillance system for your needs.

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