Long Range Thermal PTZ FLIR Cameras

Long Range Thermal PTZ FLIR Cameras:
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SPI offers cost-effective, long-range, electro-optical, visual and thermal imaging Flir PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom sensors, optics and gimbals that can be completely custom-built to exceed your expectations. Long Range PTZ day+night vision multi-sensor EO/IR gimbals for ground, marine and aerial applications.
Options include, but are not limited to:

  • Long range Cooled MWIR and UnCooled LWIR Thermal imaging FLIR Cameras
  • Ultra Long-Range Fast, Coated, hardened Zoom telephoto thermal imaging Germanium Lenses
  • SD, HD High Definition microbolometer, HOT MCT, InSb ultra sensitive thermal flir IR Cameras
  • Robust Multi axis 360 degree Gyro Stabilized Pan & Tilt gimbals
  • Gyro stabilized micro mini named and unmanned drone thermal camera turret balls
  • SD and HD long range low light visible CMOS color EO continuous zoom cameras
  • Long Range LRF Laser Range Finders exceeding 20 kilometer
  • Long Range IR Infrared Laser Pointers/illuminators/designators Exceeding 10 mile distances
  • Rugged All-Weather IP 67, IP 68, MilSpec, MilStd Designs
  • A Host of custom optional add on sensors such as SWIR, LRAD, Laser Dazzlers, CCTV camera countermeasure,
    Color night vision, and specialty exotic sensors to compliment our Day/Night PTZ platforms
  • Anti Drone, UAV, UAS countermeasure and defeat gimbal systems
  • 3D Radar 360° Security and surveillance tracking with Slew to cue camera mating
  • Panoramic 360° thermal scanning gimbals for constant area security and surveillance

X26 provides cost effective Long Range day and night vision multi sensor fixed and PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom Flir thermal imaging camera systems built to withstand the most demanding applications. Our High performance, all weather, reliable systems are available in COTS or Custom configurations and are built with the highest quality components.

Long range thermal imaging flir cameras for sale

Thermal Imaging Flir EO/IR ISR camera
M1-D v3 compact Car vehicle mobile, marine
boat day/night vision PTZ thermal Flir gimbal
M7 Falcon Long Range PTZ flir thermal imaging
security / surveillance Infrared camera system
Long range thermal PTZ flir camera
M9 cooled MWIR PTZ Ultra extreme long range Pan Tilt
Zoom multi sensor thermal flir imaging security camera
M11 Ultra Long Range thermal IR imaging flir camera for
Border, coastal, shoreline & flight line security
Pan tilt flir camera
M2-D micro mini Lightweight gyro stabilized EOIR thermal imaging flir PTZ
gimbal for Manned and unmanned drone, UAV, UAS, SUAS, UGV platforms

Our Long Range Thermal imaging PTZ FLIR Camera Product Offering

  • Extremely Compact and ultra lightweight UAV UGV Drone gimbal systems in the very popular micro M2-D mini gimbal Gyro stabilized EO/IR PTZ gimbal cameras
  • Amazing clear picture in a Non-Cooled Long Range LWIR Dual Camera system like the M7 Falcon
  • Extreme distance Long Range MWIR midwave Cooled Dual Camera systems like the M9 and M11, Our Robust systems can be custom designed and built to your exact requirements.
  • Our systems are ideal for ground, vehicle mobile and marine environments and are mounted on fixed installations, telescoping masts, tripods, poles in border, coastal, shoreline, ranges, bases and critical facilities where uninterrupted 24/7/365 day and night security and surveillance is essential.

We offer a wide range of tried-and-tested, Military-grade, short, Mid – Long Range Thermal Imaging PTZ FLIR Cameras, including:

Long range thermal cameras

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Subcategory: Long Range thermal imaging flir PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom EOIR systems

Our long range Thermal imaging flir PTZ cameras are robust, All weather, heavy duty PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) positioners/Gimbals that rotate continuously 360 degrees and Pan/Tilt up and down allowing the user to guide and control the motors and position the long range flir cameras and associated sensors to the position of interest. The long range flir PTZ thermal Security cameras can be gyro-stabilized which reduces the shake and jitter from the imagery especially when zoomed in to maximum telephoto ranges. Our long range thermal imaging flir PTZ Security cameras Have the ability of reaching out and detecting threats up to 50 kilometers. All of our Long Range thermal imaging Cameras come with a complimentary long range zoom daytime EO CMOS low light camera Which make these systems a true complete day and night imaging system. Additional sensors can be added onto our long range flir PTZ thermal cameras such as SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) cameras, Laser rangefinders (LRF), tracking, radar with slew to cue capabilities, GPS, Compass, Laser dazzlers, microphones, spotlights, loudspeakers, laser infrared Illuminators, laser infrared pointers, and high speed cameras. We custom build our long range flir PTZ thermal camera and can incorporate most any add on option you can imagine into our gimbal platforms. OurLong Range thermal imaging payloads offer the user crisp, clear image quality with outstanding detail, clarity and fidelity. Long range infrared cameras come in both Cooled MWIR and LWIR uncooled flavors in both HD (High Definition) and SD VGA (Standard definition) which is typically 640×480 or 640×512 Pixel resolution. Our long range thermal imaging flir camera systems are mounted in harsh environments and used for Border patrol and protection, coastline and shoreline installations, range, airports, forward Operation and observation bases (FOB), runways, critical infrastructures, high value asset protection and anywhere where long range 24/7 day and night vision imaging is critical to secure and protect a specific area. Our long range flir PTZ thermal cameras are easily mounted in multiple configurations like on roof mounted, car, Truck, mobile command vehicles, security vehicle and mobile applications. In marine vessels, our Long Range thermal imaging flir ptz cameras Are mounted to boats, yachts and cruise ships. Other mounting provisions are portable trailers, telescoping masts, poles, tripods, pendant, buildings and fixed mounts. SPI uses the best, most reliable and longest lasting coolers in the midwave MWIR long range thermal camera systems which is a critical factor in the procurement of long range flir cameras. Having a reliable cooler ensures years of continuous maintenance free operation from the MWIR camera. We source the best Cooled Camera system made up of indium antimonide InSb, HOT MCT Mercury Cadmium Telluride and SLS types with micro pitches as small as 10 µm.


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With Long range PTZ or pan / tilt / zoom thermal imaging becoming relatively more affordable and an integral part of Short, medium, long and extreme ultra long range Surveillance, security, observation systems, a whole range of uses becomes both possible and economically viable. long range Thermal flir PTZ cameras can be an excellent complement in many situations where conventional cameras diminish their performance as low light levels are present. They are, of course, unparalleled in a situation of twilight, thermal cross-over, near darkness and total darkness. They can also be an option in areas that are very difficult to illuminate effectively, for example a sea front, a harbor, or any other vast expanse of open water thus making SPI’s long range PTZ thermal infrared imaging Ir cameras paramount for use in marine, boat, vessel and ship applications. Similarly, artificial light not only runs the risk of revealing where the cameras are placed, enabling parties to avoid or vandalize them, but can also create projected shadows in which an intruder can avoid detection. Furthermore, spotlights can blind as well as illuminate. So cameras that do not rely on light can be the preferred solution in many different traffic situations, whether it is in railway tunnels, on air strips, runways, or on regular streets. Long Range Thermal flir PTZ cameras, on the other hand, cannot be blinded by bright lights or laser beams.SPI Corp’s long range multi sensor Eoir flir thermal imaging camera systems offer substantial long distance detection ranges allowing the operator to be positioned at very far distant standoff locations offering ample time to react, to threats or targets of interest. Long range imaging systems provide a benefit to the user when coupled with an array of sensors and geo locating modules especially in specialty military, security and surveillance applications. The farther you are, the more time you have to react and not be seen.

Whats the science behind a long range thermal imaging FLIR IR night vision PTZ pan tilt gimbal turret camera?

(a) Housing – Usually composed of an aluminum bell shaped cover, The housing can be of all shapes and sizes from plastic to military grade hardened coated all weather NBC Nuclear Biological Chemical compliant

(b) Camera module
This is where the long range imager FLIR, MWIR, LWIR, SWIR, night vision, intensified, cmos, long wave, short wave, mid wave cooled and uncooled detector and sensors reside, CCD sensor, optical zoom germanium DFOV, TFOV, Fixed and CZ continuous zoom lenses, and the motors that control Zoom and Focus are located.

(c) PTZ Pan Tilt control board
The PTZ control board processes RS485 data that converts it into mechanical movements. Some are Pelco, Pelco Extended and are available in a wide array of protocols supporting VMS, GUI, ONVIF, IP, ETHERNET, FIBER, MICROWAVE, ANALOG, DIGITAL and WIRELESS

(d) PTZ motors – are the small motors that allow the thermal FLIR and CCTV HD camera to perform up, down, left and right functions. Marked by the arrows are two step motors; the one to the top controls up and down movements and the one at the bottom controls left and right movements, some systems have no motors and other methods of moving the cameras PTZ, some use brushless motors.We can Customize your long range Pan Tilt Zoom Thermal, CCTV and other exotic sensor system to cater to your exact application,
We have facilities that can satisfy any requirement in a rapid response timeframe. We offer the worlds longest range, best weapons grade all weather IP68 hardened PTZ EOIR imaging systems.


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Long Range Visible HD CCTV cameras can compliment the long range Thermal cameras and assist in daytime and low light DRI (Detection, Recognition and Identification)Long range Critical infrastructure applications require not only continuous video surveillance and monitoring, but also a solution that yields highly reliable intrusion detection, with fewer false alarms. This need makes advanced video analytics a must for any adequate long range thermal/cctv surveillance system.Advanced analytics will provide multiple automated alarm notification options, including email, edge image storage, digital outputs or video management software (VMS) alarms. Incorporating high quality, unique and adaptive analytics can virtually eliminate false alarms, allowing security personnel to respond more efficiently and effectively, while also lowering overall cost for the end user. While traditional long range surveillance & security technologies such as radar, thermal flir imaging and visible cameras, or video analytics work well on their own, utilizing all of these options together provide an advanced perimeter detection system. For example, ground surveillance radar can detect possible threats beyond the fence line as they approach and send a signal to long range pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, triggering them to slew to a specific location. From there, embedded analytics and visible cameras can further identify objects, notify authorized staff, and collect additional evidence through facial recognition or high-quality photos.Once a long range intrusion attempt is discovered, it is important to act fast. Organizing a response system that can initiate actions based on GPS location data, such as the slewing of long range FLIR PTZ cameras, automated intruder tracking or activated lighting sensors, greatly increases staff’s situational awareness while easing their workload. For instance, thermal imagers deployed in conjunction with video analytics can be used to generate an initial alarm event, which can then trigger a sequence of other security equipment and notifications for personnel to eventually respond to. Having all of this in place essentially lays the entire situation out in a way that allows responders to accurately understand and evaluate a scene.After the designated auto-response mechanisms have activated and done their job, it is time for responders to acknowledge and assess the situation. From here, authorized personnel can take the next appropriate step toward defending against and delaying the threat. Deterring suspicious activity can be achieved through real-time two-way audio, a simple but powerful tool. Often, control room operators can diffuse a situation by speaking over an intercom, telling the trespasser that they are being watched and that the authorities have been notified.

Long range thermal camera
The primary purpose of the delay facet of the overall long range perimeter protection strategy is to stall an attempted intrusion long enough for responders to act. Access control systems play a key role in realizing this objective. When a security officer sees a non-compliant, suspicious individual on the camera feed, the officer can lock all possible exits to trap them in one area all through the VMS.

While conventional long range thermal surveillance cameras are the most effective options to meet color video, feature identification and evidentiary standard requirements in security deployments, for installations with harsh imaging conditions, where optimal lighting is not available, a different long range sensor solution is needed. In these scenarios, long range thermal imaging cameras are ideal. Here are the key reasons why long range (flir) thermal cameras present an advantage for applications characterized by low-light or no-light, adverse environments and video analytics.

Long range Thermal vision cameras or infrared night vision cameras come in long wave infrared LWIR and mid wave infrared MWIR, they see at long distances what the naked eye and standard cameras do not: heat Vision, They can measure differences in heat signatures among humans and objects as minute as 0.01°C and reflect these differences in an image. For this reason, long range thermal vision cameras offer several benefits to border, coastal, maritime, military and homeland security professionals. Long range Thermal cameras deliver high-contrast imagery optimal for video analytics performance and intrusion detection. When deploying thermal cameras, command center staff can easily see an intruder attempting to hide in the trees at night, whereas a standard security camera would only show a dark image.
Security directors are opting for PTZ thermal cameras with video analytics for their PIDS because they provide both intrusion alerts and visuals for alarm verification, functioning as a more turnkey solution. While fiber optic cables or fence shaker technologies provide intrusion notifications, they require another solution for video verification to validate the alarm. This is not the case with long range thermal or visible cameras with analytics, which provide both intrusion notifications and video of the alarm event.


Long range PTZ Thermal cameras produce images in conditions standard surveillance cameras cannot, allowing security teams to see in total darkness, harsh sunlight, glare, rain, and smoke. Thermal cameras truly enable
24/7 surveillance, which is a capability that distinguishes them from other sensors. Thermal cameras satisfy regulations such as U.S. NRC’s 73.55 security policy, which requires nuclear power plants to provide “continuous surveillance, observation, and monitoring” of areas “to detect and deter intruders.” Long range Thermal cameras detect humans, vehicles, and objects in complete darkness and other low-visibility conditions.
Long range PTZ flir Thermal imaging IR cameras also appeal to system integrators for PIDS projects from an installation standpoint. For oil and gas facilities, ports, and other sites, where installing a fence line along the entire perimeter isn’t possible, thermal cameras with analytics serve as a cost-effective alternative, creating a “virtual thermal fence” for intrusion detection. With lower construction costs than a continuous physical barrier, thermal virtual fence lines provide similar deterrence to a physical fence with the added benefit of proactive alarming when threats approach.