SPI has been designing, manufacturing and providing long range thermal imaging, night vision, Electro optics, lasers and advanced imaging component solutions for over 20 years. We are the industry leader in the United States supplying the longest range, high-demand, high resolution, high sensitivity, high reliability, SWaP, high-situational awareness tools for industrial, ISR, law enforcement, border patrol, and the Legendary United States military.

SPI offers COTS and custom high grade long range advanced electro-optical imaging systems.

Our long range Thermal flir imaging night vision products are battle tested and we stand behind our work and quality, offering full support and repair for our infrared technology.


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long range thermal night vision scopes

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We offer the highest grade longest range thermal imaging PTZ flir solutions for personal, law enforcement, military and anti terrorism/homeland defense use and are a hog hunter’s best friend when it comes to hunting feral hogs in the dark at long ranges or tracking down bad guys in the middle of the desert at distances exceeding 50 kilometers in ouch darkness.

We also offer Long Range thermal imaging Pan Tilt Zoom camera gimbals that showcase exceptional performance for coastal, border, shoreline, frontier security/surveillance applications.

Our M2D advanced HD Long range zoom multi sensor-laser EO/IR rock steady gyro stabilized drone thermal camera gimbals are the smallest and lightest in the world allowing for extended airtime and enhanced endurance while spotting threats at multi kilometer distances in day, dusk, twilight and in pitch darkness. The systems are designed for drones, UGV, USV, UAS, SUAS and a host of manned/unmanned platforms.

We can customize our long range PTZ systems, thermal scopes, and/or infrared cameras to your mission specifications or security demands, and we have our engineers available to assist you at every step of the way. We service what we sell, and offer repair services for all major thermal scopes & infrared camera systems. We also have offer used infrared systems. Please contact us for details and we’ll be happy to get back to you.

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Low cost advanced long range electro-optics, we design, customize, develop, and supply:

-Long range thermal FLIR and multi sensor Rifle Scopes (including used low cost models)
Custom FPGA design and rapid 3d prototype
-Sensor blending and image fusion up to 10 channels
-long range laser cameras, HD CMOS & thermal imaging detectors cores & cameras
-long range HD visible and thermal superzoom telephoto continuous zoom optics
-mwir ultra extreme long range thermal Flir thermal infrared imaging cameras
-lwir long range continuous zoom uncooled thermal Flir infrared imaging cameras
-cmos night vision cameras and sensors
-Image fusion, Sensor fusion Image blending
-Image stabilization, gyro/mems/motors for payloads, turrets, balls & Gimbals

-llltv cameras and sensors, lenses/optics from visible, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR to VLWIR
-color low light level night vision sensors and camera modules, cores and engines
-Infrared Cameras (scientific, military, R&D and maintenance models)
-Thermal Imager Systems (law enforcement and military thermal imaging models)
-Thermal Pan Tilt Zoom (thermal PTZ) Multi-Sensor Systems (custom and COTS solutions)
-Night Vision (image intensified products)
-Night Vision (EMCCD, iccd, i2 products)
-ebaps isie-11 cameras
-electronic digital image intensifiers
-tubeless image intensifiers
-tube image intensifiers
-custom head mounted, hands free goggles, weapon sights, Dve, mobile,marine and airborne platforms
-Long Range Digital night vision goggles DNVG
-Long range color night vision goggles
-Dual Sensor Long Range PTZ thermal imaging FLIR cameras
-Multi Sensor Long Range PTZ thermal imaging FLIR cameras
-Dual Sensor Long Range PTZ thermal imaging FLIR / CCTV HD cameras
-Scmos and CMOS custom sensor integration and customization
-ingrated lasers visible and infrared from visible to SWIR
–SWIR ingaas cameras and sensors
-image stabilization, custom gimbals, payloads, turrets from 2 to 5 axis
-drone, Uav, Uav, UAS, suas cameras, STUAS UAV detectors, sensors and imagers
-Systems Integration, custom electro optics / optronics
-Custom Design and Manufacturing
-Kitting Assemblies and Contract Logistics
-Enhanced Night vision
-Digital UXGA Low Light Level
-4K imaging
-Ultra Long Range zoom continuous, DFOV, TFOV optics and Lenses
-HD Microdisplay OLED, HMD, Headmounted optics
-Night vision systems/goggles/weapon sights/rifle mounted scopes/Clip on-Inline sights/Binoculars/cameras/lasers/sensors

  • Novel digital imaging sensors in the near, short, mid and long wave infrared (eg.  Detector materials, Readout Integrated Circuits (ROICs), resolution, coolers, Quantum Efficiency (QE), , Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD)
  • Novel optical imaging designs
  • Novel displays and their optics (micro-displays, waveguides)
  • Varifocal display systems
  • Augmented and mixed reality
  • Innovative image and signal processing techniques, algorithms, and capabilities
  • Artificial intelligence and/or machine learning techniques for size, weight, and power constrained devices
  • Computer vision, visual odometry, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)
  • Photogrammetry
  • Eye tracking (passive and active)
  • Head tracking (passive)
  • Optical augmentation
  • Optical detection systems
  • False alarm detection reduction
  • Classification of detection
  • Battlefield Infrared (IR) laser systems and laser component technologies
  • Hostile fire location / gunshot detection / gunfire detection techniques (imaging, acoustic, etc.)
  • Novel sub-system alignment and communication techniques
  • Lightweight housing and optical bench materials
  • Materials science for light weighting, disposable and rechargeable battery technologies
  • Autonomy for unmanned aerial/ground vehicles
  • Novel precision targeting/tracking techniques – MEMS INS, rapid fire LRFs, rapid target acquisition (RTA), etc.
  • Passive rangefinding