M1D V2 Thermal imaging flir PTZ camera for boat car vehicle roof
building mounted fixed mobile marine remote applications

M1-D Gimbal PTZ Thermal imaging IR Camera for Ground, marine, airborne UAV / All Weather payload – Low cost EO-IR FLIR system.

The M1D is the premiere Vehicle roof mounted thermal imager

M1D car vehicle boat mobile marine thermal flir PTZ camera gimbal
The M1-D is the first affordable micro PTZ camera to feature integrated thermal imaging camera (FLIR), CCTV camera and laser designator in an ultra compact rugged housing. The M1-D Roof mounted thermal camera is an all weather gimbal remote positioning system suitable for mounting on a wide range of vehicles, vessels and stationary platforms. The M1-D Roof mounted thermal camera is the breakthrough product that you have been waiting for to satisfy your imaging needs 24/7/365. This is a very efficient unit with Nominal 1.5-2.0 amps @12VDC Max 2.5 amps consumption. The M1D Roof mounted thermal camera is a great choice as a vehicle mounted FLIR camera for situational awareness, drivers vision enhancer DVE and search & rescue SAR applications.

Long range thermal imaging camera
Included and integrated within the M1D gimbal turret is a sensitive Daytime Color / Low light camera which offers 1028×768 resolution with TELEPHOTO ZOOM for extended range and very good Day/Night imaging capabilities that compliments the included FLIR thermal imager camera sensor & Laser sensor.

For UAV UGV Drone gyro Stabilized day/night thermal imaging gimbal
applications, have a look at our M2D EOIR micro mini drone camera.

lightweight EOIR thermal imaging flir gimbal

Included and integrated within the M1D Roof mounted thermal camera is a sensitive Daytime Color / Low light camera which offers 1028×768 resolution with TELEPHOTO ZOOM for extended range and very good Day/Night imaging capabilities that compliments the included FLIR thermal imager camera sensor & Laser sensor.

The M1-D All Weather Roof mounted thermal camera is ideal for UAV drones, cars, boats and building applications, the system is a rugged affordable solution for:

The Complete M1-D Micro FLIR PTZ UAV Thermal Camera System


  • UAV copter airborne aerial imaging
  • PT Pan Tilt imaging system for car, vehicles, mobile roof mount applications.
  • Marine, boat, seaborne and coastal imaging
  • Ground based security, fixed, building remote  surveillance imaging
    • Fixed installation imaging
    • Mobile, car, vehicle, rooftop mounted vehicle gimbal ball imaging system
    • Remote tactical thermal imaging and CCTV laser camera
    • Mast mounted, tripod mounted imaging solution
    • Custom Integration solution

-The M1D Roof mounted thermal camera is available in the ENHANCED 336 THERMAL IMAGER CAMERA with 13mm Germanium Optics and 8x Ezoom
-The PREMIUM 640 Thermal Camera Version offers 19mm Germanium Optics and 8x Ezoom
-White Hot imaging palette is preset to all units.
-The ultimate roof mounted thermal camera

Drone thermal camera


640X480 thermal resolution provides 307,200 pixels for the ultimate in imaging quality and long range target performance.
Combines a CCTV visual imaging camera with state of the art thermal sensor and an integrated laser pointing device.
Perfectly matched zoom settings for any mission from short to long range (2X to 8X thermal zoom).
Weighing in at ~2lbs, the 4.5” diameter system is designed specifically to with- stand the harsh field conditions while minimizing package dimensions. Easily mounts in virtually any application.
Monochrome and Color modes to enhance user situational awareness and aide in target detection. Advanced OSD (On Screen Display) features adjust- able crosshairs and position readout.
Utilizes industry standard interface protocols for easy integration into existing systems. Can be operated from dedicated controller, existing controller or PC.
For resolving the finest of image details at ultra long ranges.
Easily mounts to vehicles with magnetic base. Can be hard mounted.
A variety of Laser Pointer options, thermal optics and controllers are available as well as advanced stabilization to further enhance your investment.
Low Cost imaging systems

Long range thermal imaging PTZ flir IR security Cameras

The M1-D Roof mounted thermal camera is the next generation in multi sensor pan tilt imaging systems. The M1-D combines ultra high resolution 640×480 thermal sensor with a crisp CCTV imag- ing camera and long range laser pointer. The M1-D is a fully weatherized system that is compatible with most existing vehi-
cle, vessel or facility infrastructure. The M1-D’s ultra compact form factor and easy installation lets you mount the system vir- tually anywhere. The M1-D is the ultimate in 360 degree situational awareness.

Long range thermal imaging camera

The Multi-Sensor Ultra Compact Imaging System is designed from the ground up to balance rugged all weather performance and operator comfort. The ultra lightweight compact design allows you to deploy the system across the widest array of platforms. Multiple sensors greatly enhance operator awareness for 24/7 360 degree situational awareness. Laser indicating further enhances opera- tional capabilities by bringing in your whole team.


M1-D FLIR infrared camera looking straight up

Our experience has also uncovered a nasty truth about most thermal PTZ systems on the market. The truth is that they all have blind spots. WHAT? How could that be? The problem is that most of these systems cannot look straight up. This means if you are tracking airborne threats or up a hillside you will run out of motion and loose the target. Now tell me, don’t you want to look straight up? Call us and we can also talk inverted operation sir.

M1-D thermal imager looking straight down


24/7/365 the M1-D UAV, drone, car, Vehicle, boat, mobile, marine thermal camera is always there for you no matter what your mission profile is.

This is the worlds first affordable Micro Pan Tilt Zoom system that incorporates high resolution thermal imaging sensors, CCTV visual imaging with instant zoom and a laser designator for always on target precision and persistent performance. Thermal imagers see heat energy and not light so they work in any lighting condition from broad daylight to complete darkness. Thermal imaging is the undisputed king of night vision technologies. The CCTV camera gives you sharp visual light images in most all lighting conditions to aid in identification. The unique laser pointer module lets you designate threats to your team to keep you safe and let you get your job done. Weighing less than 3 lbs and measuring about 4.5″ in diameter, the M1-D UAV thermal camera gimbal turret is truly a micro sized powerhouse. Ideal for UAV / UGV, SUAS, drone, quadcopter and multicopter night vision, IED detection /  UAV EOIR gimbal turret, tactical ISR, persistent surveillance and a wide array of custom applications.
The various sensors of the M1-D Micro FLIR PTZ Infrared Camera System

The expanding field of Unmanned ground vehicle and unmanned Aerial Vehicle opens the doors to the innovative M1D, The unit
is an affordable turn key, high grade EOIR gimbal turret solution for land, sea and air optical imaging. With the M1D the “skies have eyes” in the field of UAV cameras for commercial, industrial, law enforcement and military persistent surveillance.

Black and white thermal imaging is the industry standard for surveillance imaging systems. The grayscale imaging palette provided with all systems produces crisp accurate imaging profiles of the scene you are viewing. A black and white TV also produces crisp images but you wouldn’t buy a black and white TV would you? Of Course Not (they don’t even make them anymore!). The M1-D is a modern thermal imaging system that offers you B/W and COLOR performance all at a low price.

“If your needs are for a multi sensor mini gimbal PTZ ruggedized, robust & all weather Thermal FLIR camera then the M1-D is your quick and affordable solution.”

The DIY M1D is easily mountable to any drone, UAS, UAV or multicopter platform for enhanced imaging. The unit has been outfitted onto many unmanned systems for commercial, industrial and military applications. The small gimbal turret is very stable and has many mounting options. A huge advantage to the M1D gimbal is its affordability allowing the users to use an effective airborne imaging system with multi sensors and cameras. The thermal FLIR imaging camera channel now has optional radiometric capabilities allowing it to display real time temperature measurement of the scene and being able to measure temperature values in Fahrenheit or Celsius up to 1000C with accuracy of +/- 2%. The hand selected thermal FLIR detectors have sensitivity of 1/10 of a degree therefore any subtle temperature changes in the image as small as a tenth of a degree will be shown and measured real time. The M1D can be used as the primary imaging gimbal turret payload or as a secondary backup situational awareness camera.

The low price M1D has double layered rugged protection ensuring a rugged housing which works flawlessly in all weather scenarios. The on screen symbology on the users has useful data which can be turned off to just display the imagery directly from the sensors.

Long range thermal imaging camera

SPI Offers The M1/STAB Image stabilization module which can be outfitted at the point of viewing and not at the M1D PTZ site, this compact device allows for effective image stabilization with user input preferences for stabilization equalization and roll/pitch amounts desired for a steady imagery, without spending thousands of dollars on multi axis stabilization.

Image showing the size of the M1-D FLIR camera



Standing a mere 6″ Tall….

With a Diameter of 4.5″….

Weighing in at less than 3lbs….

Don’t let the micro size of the M1-D UAV thermal camera fool you this is a serious multi sensor imaging system designed for the harsh conditions of marine operations in the field. With the latest in thermal, visual and laser technologies the M1-D offers more to the user than systems three times the size and three times the cost. The M1-D can also be inverted making it the perfect option for mounting on mast and bridge supports.

The M1-D FLIR camera is mall but mighty!


The M1-D, this little guy packs a big punch!

Really this is serious. Maybe you are not grasping just how small the M1-D thermal pan tilt camera really is. You are probably thinking “Ok it has a thermal camera in it plus its got a visible CCTV camera and oh yeah they said it has a laser pointer too so it can’t be that small”?

WRONG! Not only is it that small it is smaller. Really it is. Okay how can we really demonstrate the true size of this device so that you can picture it in your head? The picture on the right with the measurements is a good start but its not intuitive enough……..hmmm. Oh that’s a good idea. Sure lets take a picture of the unit in someones hand. So small its the worlds first handheld pan tilt multisensor thermal camera!!

Never before has so much power and capability been able to fit in the palm of your hand. Get an M1-D and SEE what is out there.

Flexible Mounting Options

M1D has both magnetic & hard mounts

SPI has been designing, building and supplying thermal PTZ systems for a decade. Based on user feedback we know that you want options. The M1-D UAV thermal camera has multiple mounting options based on your needs for real world solutions. Magnetic mounts are super strong to hold to vehicles in virtually any conditions. Strong magnets are nice but it is the little details that set the M1 apart. Each super strong magnet is covered in a durable clear plastic coating that prevents the unit from scratching the roof of your vehicle. A nice touch from folks that really think about how you are going to use the system. In addition we have hard mount points for those applications that demand the strongest attachment possible. Whatever your needs the M1-D has got you covered. The M1D is the smallest and most affordable PTZ LWIR long wave infrared multi sensor Eoir camera system.

M1-D The New Low Cost Aerial Thermal Imaging Gimbal Solution.

Airborne / UAV Gimbal
The M1-D thermal pan tilt zoom system is mounted on a twin prop aircraft for flight testing. Many companies are selecting the M1-D as the future of low cost thermal aerial payloads.


M1D car vehicle boat mobile marine thermal flir PTZ camera specifications



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