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Color night vision thermal uav drone

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X27 ColorVision Osprey Day/Night Ultra LLL True Color night vision military Imaging system Available in the stabilized Z55 airborne unmanned UAV DRONE configuration

Color night vision drone uav uas

The digital X27 ColorVision (R) reconnaissance LLL (Low Light Level) true Color night vision VIS-NIR sensor
is a technological breakthrough in night vision technology.
High performance, low noise, high sensitivity & outstanding true LLL color imagery are just a few features offered by the system.
The SWaP UHD Color Night Vision sensor can be
integrated into night vision sights, scopes, monoculars, binoculars, drivers aid, UAV, UAS, unmanned
and a wide array of defense, homeland security, border, ground,
mobile, marine, airborne, military, wildlife, documentary, specialty combat camera photography, Astro/aerial/airborne/space
remote imaging, aurora borealis, security and surveillance applications.

color night vision
The advanced ColorVision(R) system incorporates highly sensitive BSTFA Broad Spectrum Thin Film Array photodetector along with powerful
proprietary MDIS MultiLayer Digiscan Image Sequencing – real time HD video processing.

Uav UAS drone aerial airborne color night vision Airborne drone x27 Color night vision footage (L) side by side compared to standard camera (R) 

Color night vision

color night vision

The System Detects battle infrared lasers / illuminators and can also see the JATC SeeSpot 1064 Designator IR laser in day and night.

Color night vision