Long range thermal cameras

SPI Long Range Thermal Imaging Products: Technologies and Features

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SPI specializes in advanced military grade Long Range thermal cameras, long range thermal imagers and an impressive assortment of rugged, all weather PTZ HD day+night security and surveillance EOIR imaging systems.

Thermal Imaging Flir EO/IR ISR camera
M1-D v3 compact Car vehicle mobile, marine
boat day/night vision PTZ thermal Flir gimbal
M7 Falcon Long Range PTZ flir thermal imaging
security / surveillance Infrared camera system
Long range thermal PTZ flir camera
M9 cooled MWIR PTZ extreme long range Pan Tilt
Zoom IP gyro-stabilized multi sensor thermal flir imaging security camera
M11 Ultra Long Range thermal IR imaging flir camera for
Border, coastal, shoreline & flight line security
Pan tilt flir camera
M2-D micro mini Lightweight gyro stabilized EOIR thermal imaging flir PTZ
gimbal for Manned and unmanned drone, UAV, UAS, SUAS, UGV platforms

Long range AI thermal camera

Long range thermal camerasLong range thermal imaging flir cameras for sale

  • Long range PTZ thermal imaging flir camera systems for land sea and airborne security.
  • Long Range thermal cameras for ISR and drone/UAV/UAS detection and countermeasures.
  • Cooled MWIR and uncooled LWIR SD and HD thermal imaging flir camera sensors.
  • Competitively priced, High definition long range thermal imaging flir camera systems with exceptional reliability & performance.
  • Ultra long range thermal flir imaging germanium lenses exceeding 1500mm.
  • Advanced EO/IR tracking, ISR threat characterization, detection and recognition.
  • Up to 50 kilometer 24/7 day and night vision Long Range detection ranges.
  • Long range thermal flir binoculars cooled and uncooled with LRF and multiple sensors.
  • Long range thermal scopes and sights using flir, DRS cores and other sensors and LRF’s.
  • PTZ thermal imaging flir cameras for marine, boat and vessel mounting with stabilization.
  • Long range clip on thermal scopes for easy inline mounting in front of your existing day sights.
  • Long Range thermal imaging flir monoculars in all shapes and sizes and as small as a credit card.
  • Long Range thermal imaging flir goggles For hand free head and helmet mounted missions.
  • Long Range gyro Stabilized Airborne UAV, UAS, UGV, Drone manned and unmanned gimbals.
  • Durable rugged construction, rugged all weather waterproof IP67 and IP68 robust enclosures.
  • External device integration for easily integrating video monitors, image and video recording.
  • Fixed, PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) mobile, marine & aerial thermal imaging flir camera systems
  • PTZ thermal imaging flir cameras for cars, roof mount, vehicles and mobile applications.
  • Fog, smoke, haze and clutter capabilities with turbulence mitigation optics.
  • Highly customizable system with a wide selection of HD sensors, OGI, SWIR, LRF, optics and lasers to meet mission requirements.
  • Gyro stabilization
  • Long range radar options, custom through shaft gimbals to host Radars and complimentary sensors
  • Target tracking with advanced AI, intelligent DRI capabilities
  • The highest performing, advanced, rugged / reliable long range EO/IR ISR camera systems.
  • Long range thermal imaging IR hidden object, disturbed earth, IED detection capabilities
  • Long range multi spectrum night vision capabilities from 400 nanometers to 14 Microns.
  • Best in class MWIR cooled, LWIR uncooled thermal imaging cameras offering high sensitivity & high reliability

Long range thermal cameras

X26.com SPI Infrared offers the latest generation cooled MWIR and uncooled LWIR long range
thermal cameras, long range flir thermal imaging camera systems for a wide variety of ground, marine and airborne applications.

Long range thermal camerasTop of the line, Fully Integrated,  advanced latest generation long range thermal imaging flir PTZ camera systems custom built to your exact specifications. SPI utilizeS the highest grade mechanical and electro-optical components. Our Long range Pan tilt Zoom (PTZ) thermal imaging Flir Surveillance / security camera systems are installed Throughout the world protecting critical high value areas.

Ultra rugged, all weather weapons grade systems along with the most reliable Components assure years of uninterrupted 24/7/365 continuous operation in arctic cold or extreme hot/humid areas. The latest HD cooled MWIR and uncooled LWIR systems offer high definition, crisp, clear thermal flir imaging along with long range advanced zoom germanium thermal infrared imaging lenses yield extraordinary image quality at long standoff ranges. We integrate SWIR, IR laser illuminators, pointers and designators, LRF laser range finders, laser dazzlers, radar systems and a host of complimentary sensors and modules Into your unique imaging system.


Thermal Imaging binocular military grade durable
Weapon Sights
thermal vison imaging scopes military grade hunting weapons

Thermal Clip-On
compact thermal scope lens cover

SPI’s rich vault of battle tested , Military-grade thermal products include:

  • SD and HD Thermal imaging goggles, monoculars & Riflescopes
  • HD High definition Long range thermal cameras
  • HD Multi-range thermal monoculars
  • Long Range multi-sensor MWIR cooled and LWIR uncooled PTZ thermal IR imaging flir systems
  • long range gyro stabilized UAS, UAV, UGV EO/IR thermal imaging flir gimbals
  • Long-range thermal imaging flir Binoculars
  • Easy quick mount thermal clip-on scope systems
  • We offer the highest grade thermal solutions for personal, law enforcement, military and anti terrorism/homeland defense use,
    and are a hog hunter’s best friend when it comes to hunting feral hogs in the dark or tracking down terrorists in the middle of the desert.We also offer Long Range thermal imaging Pan Tilt Zoom camera gimbals that showcase exceptional performance for coastal, border, shoreline, frontier security/surveillance applications.We can customize our PTZ systems, thermal scopes, and/or infrared cameras to your mission specifications or security demands, and we have our engineers available to assist you at every step of the way. We service what we sell, and offer repair services for all major thermal scopes & infrared camera systems. We also have offer used infrared systems. Please contact us for details and we’ll be happy to get back to you.
Long range thermal imaging flir PTZ cameras

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Category: Long Range thermal cameras
Subcategory: Long Range thermal Binoculars

Our long range thermal binoculars are Rugged, all weather, state of the art dual eye thermal imaging flir systems. These devices come in uncooled LWIR And Cooled MWIR thermal imaging sensor Choices both in standard definition and in HD high definition. Utilizing small micro pitch detectors, our long range thermal binoculars pack optics that can reach out in excess of 10 kilometers for human and vehicle detection applications, this is considered very long range especially in total darkness for a handheld thermal imaging unit. Our handheld long range thermal imaging binoculars also come with a variety of complementary Sensors to add for mission readiness. Sensors like laser rangefinder’s (LRF), infrared laser pointers, infrared laser illuminators complementary lowlight HD visual day cameras, our EO/IR long range thermal binoculars also have GPS and DMC (Digital Magnetic Compass) modules for geolocating capabilities. Our military grade long range thermal binoculars are a premier choice by military and border protection personnel, the advantage of using thermal binoculars is the ease of viewing especially for long durations while using both eyes. Our thermal cameras offer the user crisp, clear image quality with outstanding detail, clarity and fidelity. Long range thermal binoculars housing tend to be bigger in size compared to Long range thermal monoculars, this extra real estate in the housing allows for the incorporation of the additional optics, sensors, and modules making up a complete multiSensor thermal binoculars system.

Long range thermal imager

Category: Long Range thermal cameras
Subcategory: Long Range thermal imaging flir PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom EOIR systems

Our long range flir PTZ thermal cameras are robust, All weather, heavy duty PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) positioners/Gimbals that rotate continuously 360 degrees and Pan/Tilt up and down allowing the user to guide and control the motors and position the long range flir cameras and associated sensors to the position of interest. The long range flir PTZ thermal Security cameras can be gyro-stabilized which reduces the shake and jitter from the imagery especially when zoomed in to maximum telephoto ranges. Our long range flir PTZ thermal Security cameras Have the ability of reaching out and detecting threats up to 50 kilometers. All of our flir PTZ thermal camera come with a complimentary long range zoom daytime EO CMOS low light camera Which make these systems a true complete day and night imaging system. Additional sensors can be added onto our long range flir PTZ thermal cameras such as SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) cameras, Laser rangefinders (LRF), tracking, radar with slew to cue capabilities, GPS, Compass, Laser dazzlers, microphones, spotlights, loudspeakers, laser infrared Illuminators, laser infrared pointers, and high speed cameras. We custom build our long range flir PTZ thermal camera and can incorporate most any add on option you can imagine into our gimbal platforms. Our thermal cameras offer the user crisp, clear image quality with outstanding detail, clarity and fidelity. Long range infrared cameras come in both Cooled MWIR and LWIR uncooled flavors in both HD (High Definition) and SD VGA (Standard definition) which is typically 640×480 or 640×512 Pixel resolution. Our long range thermal imaging flir camera systems are mounted in harsh environments and used for Border patrol and protection, coastline and shoreline installations, range, airports, forward Operation and observation bases (FOB), runways, critical infrastructures, high value asset protection and anywhere where long range 24/7 day and night vision imaging is critical to secure and protect a specific area. Our long range flir PTZ thermal cameras are easily mounted in multiple configurations like on roof mounted, car, Truck, mobile command vehicles, security vehicle and mobile applications. In marine vessels, our long range flir ptz thermal cameras Are mounted to boats, yachts and cruise ships. Other mounting provisions are portable trailers, telescoping masts, poles, tripods, pendant, buildings and fixed mounts. SPI uses the best, most reliable and longest lasting coolers in the midwave MWIR long range thermal camera systems which is a critical factor in the procurement of long range flir cameras. Having a reliable cooler ensures years of continuous maintenance free operation from the MWIR camera. We source the best Cooled Camera system made up of indium antimonide InSb, HOT MCT Mercury Cadmium Telluride and SLS types with micro pitches as small as 10 µm.

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Long range thermal imaging flir cameras for sale


M9 long range HD PTZ flir thermal imaging radar camera