X27 Long range clip-on thermal flir rifle scope / sniper sight

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The X27 Clip On FLIR Night Vision Device is a battle tested military combat rifle scope. The X27 can be used as a normal handheld thermal spotting scope, a Clip on weapon mounted thermal rifle sight or a dedicated thermal rifle scope.

Breakthrough engineering allows the X27 to be mounted in front of a day scope, which converts your current scope into a thermal weapon sight without the need to re-zero it! ON SALE NOW


The X27 Clip On Thermal Rifle Scope has been proven by the US Armed Forces to be a rock solid combat optic. Advanced optical engineering produced a thermal rifle scope with the unique ability to be mounted in front of almost any daytime rifle scope optic, which converts that day scope into a thermal weapon sight without having to re-zero your day scope. Hard to believe- but absolutely true! There is no need to make any zero adjustments when putting on or taking off the X27 clip on thermal scope. Simply mount the X27 clip on thermal sight to your standard picatinny rail in front (the barrel end) of your day scope -and bam- instant thermal scope. This unique optics design allows the X27 clip on FLIR scope to mate to almost any day scope and works exceptionally well with common military ACOG style scopes. Of course, that’s not the whole X27 clip on Infrared scope’s story. The X27 Clip on thermal rifle scope can also be used as a stand-alone thermal weapon sight with its own internal reticle, or it can also be used as a handheld thermal imager. Versatility, advanced optical engineering, and rugged, combat-proven design make the X27 inline front mounted thermal rifle scope the thermal tool of choice.





Intelligent Design for Easy Operation

Uses standard CR123 batteries in a quick release cassette. CR123 batteries are available worldwide at any drugstore or electronics retailer.

Monitor or record the thermal rifle scope activity with the waterproof external video output connector.

Can be used as a state of the art dedicated thermal rifle scope mounted to standard Picatinny rail.

Remove from the rail easily with the quick release positive locking lever.

X27 Clip On Thermal Rifle Scope and target without the need to re-zero your current daytime rifle scope.

Use the internal reticle as a clip on or stand alone thermal rifle scope.

Rely on the durability of a completely waterproof scope designed for the rigors of modern warfare.

Designed for ease of use in the most demanding conditions, like the dark of night or while wearing protective gear.

X27 Clip On Thermal Rifle Scope

The future is here now and its more affordable than you think. In today’s uncertain times of modern warfare, it is critical for the good guys to own the night. The problem of night time directed fire has traditionally been answered with “Starlight” image intensified night vision weapon sights. This night vision technology (which requires some ambient light to operate) has served our forces well since the 1970’s. However, Starlight night vision rifle scope do have limitations. These light amplifying scopes are extremely sensitive to external light sources like vehicle headlights, streetlights and building lighting that can cause severe distortion or blooming of images. This is a nuisance at best, but is completely unacceptable when contemplating taking that shot. This light sensitivity of these types of night vision scopes make them completely unusable in daylight or low light situations. The critical nature of weapon sighting demands solutions that remain reliable regardless of obscurants, weather conditions, and lighting. Thermal rifle scopes began to appear in the 1990’s and are a significant advantage over starlight night vision. A major issue with both types of night vision weapon sights is the need to re-zero your scope every time you switch from day optics to night optics. This is not ideal, especially in combat scenarios where it would be impractical to re-zero your weapon every day and night. The next evolution in night engagement is this clip on night vision device. These rifle scope designs use advanced optical engineering to produce a night scope that simply “clips on” in front of the soldiers day scope thus providing night fire capability without needing to re-zero. Now the pinnacle night vision scope is here- the X27 Clip On Thermal Night Vision Scope- transforms standard daytime optics into potent thermal night vision weapon sights with no need to re-zero, ever! Clip on thermal rifle scopes are the future of modern warfare and provide the good guys with a significant advantage in terms of operational capabilities, ease of use, and maintainability. The X27 is the next generation of thermal weapon sighting technology. The choice is clear for any professional involved in night time operations- the X27 is your tool of choice.

Mounting Options

Unlike existing thermal scopes, the X27 can function equally well as a stand-alone thermal weapon site, a clip on thermal rifle scope, or a handheld thermal imager. Versatility is a hallmark of the X27 thermal platform.




Feature details

Quick Release Rail Mount
The X27 thermal rifle scope locks solidly onto a standard Picatinny gun rail. This thermal scope is designed to “clip on” and be removed very easily. To facilitate ease of use, the X27 incorporates the widely respected throw lever style mount that allows the scope easy on/off functionality while maintaining a rock solid attachment to your weapon.

Advanced Clip On Optics
The heart of the X27 is its precision engineered optical train that allows the thermal scope to be attached to the front of any day scope instantly transforming it into a thermal rifle scope. The precise alignment of the X27’s internal optics means that you do not have to be exact about mounting it in front of your day scope. As long as you can see the thermal image in your day scope, you know that your gun will fire as true as it does in the daytime. The X27 is a true clip on thermal weapon sight that does not require you to re-zero your weapon!

Internal Reticle
Versatility is a central feature of the X27 thermal clip on scope. The X27 also functions as a stand alone thermal weapon sight (TWS). Simply activate the internal reticle on the the X27 sub menu and you now have a fully functional thermal weapon sight at your disposal. The reticle has internal windage and elevation controls so that you can easily zero it in, find your target, and start shooting. Now you have a clip on and stand alone thermal weapon sight.

Standard Batteries
The X27 operates on standard CR123 lithium batteries. The batteries are housed in a watertight battle tested compartment. The battery cassette makes changing batteries easy even while wearing gloves or in the dark of night while still maintaining a watertight fit. CR123 batteries are readily available around the world at local electronics stores, photo stores, and even drugstore chains. Standard batteries mean that you don’t have to pay for overpriced proprietary batteries, or even worse, be stuck in the field without the right batteries.

Video Output
The X27 clip on thermal weapon sight comes equipped with a standard NTSC video output function that makes it easy to connect to an external monitor (for extended viewing) or to a digital video recorder (for evidentiary or training purposes). All external connectors are watertight to maintain the integrity of the scope.

Thermal Weapon Sight
The clip on thermal weapon sight X27 is known for its versatile performance. Not only is the X27 a breakthrough clip on thermal weapon sight, but it can also be used as a dedicated thermal rifle scope. Simply activate the internal cross hair and mount the X27 to your standard Picatinny rail. Zero it in and you now have a dedicated thermal rifle scope. The X27 gives you the flexibility to operate as your mission needs dictate.

Waterproof Combat Ready Design
The X27 is a military grade thermal weapon sight design for modern warfare. The highly sophisticated sensor system and advanced optical engineering of the X27 are cradled in a rugged shock resistant housing designed to take the abuse of combat. The X27 is waterproof, shock resistant, and ready to roll.

Tactile Buttons
The X27 is equipped with carefully designed tactile buttons that are intuitive and easy to use. Onscreen menus control all the functions of the X27 thermal weapon sight so that you can have complete control of your scope with fewer buttons. The over-sized buttons are uniquely shaped for easy use in the dark or with gloves on.

TheX27 Clip On Thermal Rifle Scope Kit
  • X27 Clip On / Standalone Thermal Rifle FLIR Scope / Millitary Grade
  • External Video output cable
  • Quick-Release 1913 Mount
  • Flip Up Lens Cap
  • CR123 Batteries
  • Rubber eyecup
  • Rubber scope hood boot
  • Night vision filter
  • Quick start guide
  • Operations manual
  • Lens care kit
  • Heavy Duty Hard Case
  • Lifetime Support, full 1 year warranty
TheX27 Clip On Thermal Rifle Specifications
Style inline clip on
Cooling Uncooled
Refresh Rate: Real-time 30 Hz
Detect Mobile Man 1000 meters+
Weapon Sight Any optical day scope
Field of View (Standard) 12º to nfov
Continuous Operation 8+ Hours
Eye Relief 25 – 305mm
Weight 680 gr. (24 oz.)
Dimensions 175 x 68 x 84mm (6.9 x 2.7 x 3.3 in)
Power Requirement (4) CR123 Batteries or 9-28v DC External Power Supply
Lens High Grade Germanium
Waterproof Yes, to 66ft in salt water
Polarity Control Black Hot / White Hot