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This site is a technical clearinghouse of product information about thermal imaging cameras and thermal imaging weapons scopes. Whether researching the best infrared security camera or budget thermal imaging solutions for home energy audits, you will find the right thermal imaging equipment here.

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    We provide thermal imaging equipment for: construction, roofing, and housing inspection, electrical maintenance, energy audits, film production, fire fighting, forestry management, health care and diagnostics, industrial safety, law enforcement, military warfare, predictive maintenance, scientific research, and security and surveillance.


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Sierra Pacific Innovations supports the X26 Thermal Imaging Review

With over 12 years experience in the thermal imaging industry, Sierra Pacific Innovations (also known as SPI Corp) has thermal imaging cameras for a wide variety of public safety and commercial uses. Our professional expertise will help you find the exact thermal product solutions that you need.

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Our friendly product specialists are here to answer all your questions. SPI Corp has solutions for those who are looking to buy an infrared camera or rent a thermal camera or thermal imaging camcorder. Looking for night vision goggles or a night vision scope? We can help with that too.

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