Health Care Uses for Thermal Imaging

Medical thermal imaging is a new and exciting infrared application. Promising research is being done with infrared medical equipment in the fields of vascular medicine, muscle rehabilitation and physical therapy, and cancer detection.


Thermal Vascular Scans

Because the vascular system maintains a different temperature than the surface of the skin, the difference in temperature can be easily and effectively documented, providing a powerful diagnostic tool.

Physical Therapy

Infrared cameras are being used to identify and show changes in blood flow circulation. This thermal image shows an increase in temperature and blood flow in the muscles of the subjects back after message therapy. Muscular performance increases result in increased blood flow and can be imaged by an infrared camera, making infrared a valuable tool for verifying the results of exercise regimens or therapeutic message. Thermal imaging can be used to document and verify circulation hypotheses.

  thermal image before and after massage


Cancer Research

Exciting new cancer research is now being done. Thermal breast cancer detection with infrared instruments shows great promise. Since thermal infrared is a non-contact diagnostic tool, it provides a much more comfortable patient experience than traditional mammography systems. New application of thermal imaging are being discovered for medical research every day.

Using Medical Infrared Imaging

Thermal infrared medical imaging is one of the newest and most promising applications of thermography. Heat energy and temperature differences in the human body make infrared scanning ideal. Detailed high resolution IR images of the human body reveal and collect tremendous amounts of data. Thermal IR is a non invasive procedure requiring no physical contact with the patient.

Research is ongoing in the medical IR field and encouraging results are being published regularly. Due to the experimental nature of infrared scanning it is vital to establish and practice consistent procedures. Adequate training is important. Employing the services of a certified infrared thermographer is another option. Sierra Pacific Innovations is experienced in all aspects of medical IR imaging. We can provide you with professional infrared camera operators on a contract basis to assist you in obtaining reliable thermal data. If you wish to have a thermal infrared camera on a full time basis, SPI has many choices to fit your budget. Additionally, we offer application specific training for your entire staff.

Sierra Pacific Innovations can assist you with your medical scanning needs. We have certified thermographers and professional training to help you achieve your desired results. If you have a new or interesting medical application contact us and we can help you find with the right thermographer and equipment.