Thermal Image of Passenger Plan Taking Off from McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, NV

thermal landscape of mccarran airport las vegas

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thermal landscape of mccarran airport las vegas
Thermal infrared image of a landing airplane with a darker color pallet.
infrared picture of a jet airplaneplane
FLIR infrared picture of a landing passenger plane.
infrared picture of the las vegas strip
Thermal Image of the Las Vegas Strip from McCarran International Airport.
This FLIR thermal image of a passenger jet taking off from McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas Nevada shows the heat differences (delta T) with the contrasting rainbow pallet that is visible to the human eye. Notice the heat from the jet engines displays as a light yellow and white color. On the horizon, heat from the ground shows as a pinkish light purple color that gradually fades to a dark blue as the temperature drops at higher elevations. The background shows heat reflected by the hotels and casinos on the Las Vegas strip.